• Get the most out of your Form 2

    Get the most out of your Form 2

    Formlabs has launched an all new post-processing solution that will help you get the most out of your Form 2.

    Form 2 Ecosystem

    Form Wash, an automated part washer and Form Cure, a post-curing unit, promises stronger parts with less effort.

    Form Wash

    Form Wash

    Form Wash automates your cleaning. You can opt to go glove-free and keep the parts directly on the build platform, and even set a timer. Offering you a consistent, automated workflow.

    "While you’re away, parts are precisely agitated in IPA, getting every nook and cranny perfectly clean." 

    Form Cure

    Form Cure

    Form Cure is a finely tuned post-curing unit designed to maximise material properties. The heating system preheats the chamber to get the parts ready for optimum post-curing, whilst the turntable rotates to provide uniform exposure.

    "Once the chamber is heated, 13 LEDs trigger the post-curing reaction, bringing parts to their maximum mechanical properties."

    FormCure 2

    Along with the Form 2, these new offerings complete a reliable, automated SLA printing process.

  • 3D Hubs brings low-cost metal parts to the market.

    3D Hubs brings low-cost metal parts to the market.

    246719-9dg_2016-09-27_11-10-15 copy 12-dc1706-large-1494330780

    3D Hubs has recently announced that they will be bringing low-cost metal parts to the market. They have added the service as a response to customer demand for large metal prints. 3D Hubs is well known online manufacturing platform that that aims to radically change how things are made and distributed.

    A metal part and its FDM 3D printed equivalents. Photo via 3D Hubs.A metal part and its FDM 3D printed equivalents. Photo via 3D Hubs.

    3D Hubs will be using FDM 3D printing as well as Polymaker's new PolyCast material to offer cast metal parts "up to 5x cheaper than existing methods".

    The process to create a cast metal part. Image via 3D HubsThe process to create a cast metal part. Image via 3D Hubs

    A huge benefit, except for the low cost, is that "FDM printing allows for the production of large, complex patterns that traditional manufacturing techniques would have difficulty producing."

    The metal parts cast in a furnace. Image via 3D Hubs.
    GIF via 3D Hubs.

    For more on this topic, I encourage that you read 3D Printing Industry's, Corey Clarke own take on this here.

    You are also welcome to read the official press release by 3D Hubs here.

  • How a 3D Print Farm Can Help Your Business

    How a 3D Print Farm Can Help Your Business

    On 20 April 2017, Formlabs published a very interesting article about how a 3D print farm can help your business. Formlabs has gone to say that when managed correctly a print farm can give your existing company the necessary boost and also opens up a whole new revenue stream.

    "A well-managed print farm can be a strong supplement your existing business, or even exist as a business of its own. Building a cell of multiple 3D printers can increase production capacity, allow you to simultaneously produce in multiple materials, and enable you to offer 3D printing as a paid service to clients."


    They further went on to define a print farm or a print cell as "a facility of multiple 3D printers used for manufacturing. These spaces are arguably the purest form of direct digital manufacturing (DDM), as 3D printers are the best examples among production tools of going directly from a CAD design to a finished part."


    Here are some of the reasons why you might consider investing in two or more 3D printers for your organisation.

    • It can support a larger team within your organisation.
    • Your production capacity will increase greatly.
    • Multiple Prints in different materials can run simultaneously.
    • Earn additional revenue by offering 3D Printing services.
    • Minimise the effects that a 3D printer could have when general maintenance is required.

    If this breakdown interests you, I fully encourage that you read the original article here.

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