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Bambu Lab P1P

Easy 3D printing right out of the box.

Bambu Lab P1P_04.png
Bambu Lab P1P_05.png
Bambu Lab P1P_06.png

CoreXY up to 20000 mm/s² Acceleration

The Bambu Lab P1P inherits the proven kinematics and motion control system of the Bambu Lab Flagship printer. It prints with a top speed of 500 mm/s, the acceleration from zero to 500 mm/s takes just 0.025 seconds.

Vibration Compensation & Pressure Advance

The active vibration compensation (XY) algorithm and pressure advance guarantees extra smoothness and gets you good prints.

Bambu Lab P1P_10.PNG
Bambu Lab P1P_11.PNG

Advanced Technologies

Bambu Lab P1P_13.PNG

Tech Specs

Bambu Lab P1P_14.PNG
Bambu Lab P1P_15.PNG
Bambu Lab P1P_17.PNG
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