Professional dddrop EVO Twin 3D printer

Professional dddrop EVO Twin 3D printer

Following the Leader series, our product developers present the dddrop EVO Twin. With this plug & play 3D printer, which has been developed over the years on customer feedback, are you ready for the future. The dddrop EVO Twin is a beautifully professional 3D printer with a huge printing volume, focus on functionality and has a significantly increased build speed compared to the previous model. The 7 inch full color touchscreen, the upgraded printer control together with the next generation computer processor unit makes the printer easy to operate.

The dddrop 3D printers are developed and manufactured in the Netherlands and offer many possibilities for their attractive price. The printer has an open filament system, giving you the free choice of material. The closed, climate-controlled chambertogether with the swappable high-temperature print bed enables perfectly printing high-tech materials with stricter temperature requirements. Thanks to the active cooling of the swappable print bed, complex models and completely bridges can be printed perfectly. The swappable print bed ensures that you can immediately continue with the next print.

The two independent nozzles (print heads) enable the use of soluble supportmaterials for the successful printing of virtually any complex part. The unique design of the nozzles prevents clogging. The dddrop offers the right nozzle for every job: super detailed or super-fast. You can choose from the print heads: 0,2 – 0,4 (standard) – 0,6 – 0,8 – 1,0mm in brass, stainless steel or tungsten carbide and you can change them in under a minute. The great advantage of the dddrop EVO Twin is that it is a fully integrated SMART device, so you can operate your printer via LAN and / or WiFi from anywhere in the world. Print your models at any location without sharing your models or files. Furthermore, the EVO Twin gives a notification when it’s out of filament, a huge advantage when printing expensive materials.

Simplify-265x265-100x100 (1).jpg

The dddrop EVO Twin, works with dddrop filament and settings for Simplify3D slicing software which can be downloaded via the dddrop support page. You can design your own models or download 3D models from the web. Within minutes you convert your 3D model into a print.

Are you looking for a professional 3D printer that perfectly print with high-tech materials as ABS, PET-G, Metal or Carbon? Print with two materials? For larger and smaller products? Full control and the best helpdesk? The dddrop EVO Twin it offers you all!


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