Meet Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro

Benchtop SLS 3D printer
for industrial quality,
bigger prints.

Size matters

Take advantage of the outstanding print volume of Lisa 2 Pro. The best solution for larger models, up to 316 mm diagonally, depending on the material.

Little space needed to make great things

This compact end-to-end system allows you to become fully professional and independent SLS user.

Proven quality, now even more capacity!

  • High precision

  • Print size up to 316 [mm]  (12.4 [in]) diagonally

  • Built-in nitrogen chamber

  • New, intuitive software

  • Easy operation

  • Size: 690 x 500 x 880 [mm] (27.1 x 19.7 x 34.6 [in])

  • Weight: 90,0 [kg] (198 [lbs])

  • Average power consumption: 0,9 [kW]

Industrial possibilities
of Lisa 2 Pro

Thanks to a nitrogen chamber you can experiment with a vast number of materials. At this moment Sinterit offers:

more materials in progress …

Sinterit Studio 2018

Thanks to a dedicated desktop application you can prepare 3D models, set them in the printable area, check all the collisions and track print status most comfortably and intuitively.

Use the laser to make final products with professional selective  laser sintering quality

Even easier than before

Plenty of hardware enhancements resulted in even more reliable printing
With the latest version of
.Sinterit Studio 2018 software you will get the best possible support during the printing progress.




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