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3D Resin printing has quickly become a popular form of print ing technology. Resin 3D printing demands post- curing technology that requires UV light curing, which can be an expensive addition to your equipment. Most users understand that this stage is required in-order for them to obtain the best quality from their 3D printed parts.

3D printed parts that have been cured correctly have superior quality and strength properties. Proper post-curing requires precision equipment with a specific wavelength and intensity light source and time control.

Until we launched the Smoothy BoxTM UV Curing Unit, post-curing equipment with these capabilities have simply not been available as a “simple and easy to use plug-a-play unit. 

IMG_20180401_161532 (1)-1.png

The elevated clear glass work surface permits UV coverage from all sides,  and even the bottom of your part.  The inside of the chamber is lined with highly reflective panels. These panels are engineered to work with the specific wavelengths inside the chamber, providing very high efficiency and uniformity of radiant energy.

The Design



Slow Cure

Commercial Grade Construction



Auto Start and Shutdown

Wet-Cure Friendly

Long Life, Replaceable UV LED's

Timer Control

(2-20 minutes)

Technical Specifications

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