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The story of Ultimaker over the years


The values Ultimaker is built on


We value trustworthiness. People can count on us. Always. Everywhere. Externally and internally. We do what we say. We say what we do. In our fast developing 3D printing world, we are a beacon of trust to all of our stakeholders.


We love to amaze and be amazed. Not only by technology, but also by the solutions. Unleashing everybody’s magic unlocks endless "wow" experiences. Often beyond our own imagination of what is possible.


Together we transform the way things are made. Our solutions enable and inspire a growing community of people to digitize how products are created, made, and shared – transforming businesses, manufacturing, and even people’s lives.


We are an open company. Open minded and easy to approach. We open up manufacturing and provide open and integrated systems. We share knowledge, data, and examples of best practices. We make our solutions available to everyone, everywhere.


We involve, we collaborate, we co-create. With all of our stakeholders. We invest in real connections with our customers, our partners, our colleagues. In short-term projects. And in long-term nourishing relationships.

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