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Matt PLA

Formfutura Matt PLA (polylactic acid) is modified to have a rough and matt surface finish. Matt PLA has excellent 3D printing properties and combines a distinguished surface quality with fine details reinforced by its matt appearance.


Key features

Good surface quality

Rough and matt surface finish with fine detail

Easy to print at high printing speeds

Warp-free printing and improved flowing behaviour

Excellent first layer adhesion to several (un)heated print surfaces 

Compatible with AquaSolve PVA

Wide variety of matt PLA colours



Household tools

Architectural mock-ups

Complex educational projects and models

Concept models

Manufacturing and visualization aids



Matt PLA is modified with fillers that can have an abrasive effect on brass nozzles. We recommend to use hardened steel nozzles when 3D printing with Matt PLA.


1.75mm 2.85mm


50 gram (Sample coil)

750 gram

Matt PLA - Urban Grey Camouflage

Matt PLA - Purple Camouflage

Matt PLA - Olive Camouflage

Matt PLA - Gunmetal Grey Camouflage

Matt PLA - Earth Red Camouflage

Matt PLA - Desert Sand Camouflage

Matt PLA - Dark Green Camouflage

Matt PLA - Blue Camouflage

Matt PLA - Aircraft Grey Camouflage

Matt PLA - Stealth White

Matt PLA - Stealth Black

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