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Using Color Resin

To create Color Resin, combine 100 mL of Color Pigment with the Color Base in the resin cartridge. After choosing a recipe, use the syringes to measure and dispense pigment into the cartridge. Shake the cartridge vigorously to combine pigments with the base material and create Color Resin. After creating Color Resin, use a new resin tank to start the first print.


Use the recipes and instructions below to combine Color Pigment and Color Base to create Color Resin.



Each recipe requires an exact combined total of 100 mL of pigment. Adding more or less pigment prevents the resin from printing successfully. To ensure mixing exactly 100 mL of pigment, use a notepad to tally the pigment volume between measurements.

In addition to the color name, each color has an associated hexadecimal (hex) number to designate the matching web color. Pair the hex code with other color swatch libraries to match printed parts with other branded designs.


Formlabs supports the color recipes listed above. Other pigment recipes are possible; however, Formlabs may not be able to assist with questions about experimental colors. Always use the syringes to measure pigment and add exactly 100 mL of Color Pigment to the Color Base to create Color Resin.

Mixing Instructions

Review the list of required and recommended supplies before getting started.


Measure and Add the Color Pigment to the Color Base:

  1. Review the recipe. Each recipe requires a total of 100 mL of pigment. One syringe holds up to 10 mL.

  2. Follow the recipe closely, and tally the pigment volume between measurements.


3. Remove the caps from the resin cartridge, required pigment bottles, and syringes.


4. Insert the syringe tip into the pigment bottle.

5. Turn the bottle and syringe upside-down. Slowly pull the syringe plunger and hold the plunger in place once the pigment reaches the required mL fill line on the syringe.

6. Adjust the syringe plunger to remove bubbles or excess pigment, as needed.


This image shows a syringe with less than 10 mL of pigment.

This image shows a syringe with exactly 10 mL of pigment.

This  image shows a syringe with more than 10 mL of pigment.

7. Hold the plunger in place. Turn the bottle upright, and remove the syringe tip from the bottle.

8. Insert the syringe tip into the cartridge opening. Push the plunger to dispense the pigment.

9. Update the pigment volume tally on the notepad.

10 Repeat steps 4–9 to add the recipe’s required pigment volume.

11. Once the recipe is complete, write the remaining volume on each pigment bottle.


Shake the Cartridge to Mix the Color Resin:


After measuring and dispensing 100 mL of pigment into the cartridge, continue with the following steps to mix the resin:

  1. Replace the vent cap on the Color Base cartridge.

  2. Start a timer for 4 minutes.

  3. Shake continuously, occasionally rotating, until the timer expires.

4. The cartridge is ready for printing. Write the color name on the resin cartridge and resin tank.


Printing with Color Resin


Color Resin cartridges are compatible with the Form 2, and PreForm can generate prints using 25, 50, or 100 micron layer heights. Prepare the FORM file according to the standard print setup recommendations, then upload the file and start the print on the Form 2.

After adding 100 mL of Color Pigment, the resin cartridge contains a total of 900 mL of Color Resin. Do not add more pigment to the cartridge. Adding more than 100 mL of pigment will affect printability. Compared to a standard cartridge, which contains 1 L of resin, the additional space in the Color Base/Resin cartridge allows the pigment to mix thoroughly with the base material during shaking.

Plan to replace the Color Resin cartridge after printing 900 mL. To continue printing with an identical color, the subsequent Color Resin cartridge must be thoroughly mixed with the exact same recipe. Due to the number of required steps to prepare each Color Resin cartridge, Formlabs does not guarantee that subsequent cartridges of Color Resin will print with the exact same color.

After printing, wash the printed part(s) using Form Wash or the Form Finish Kit. Post-curing is optional for parts printed with Color Resin. Refer to the Form Cure time and temperature settings for post-curing recommendations.

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