Zortrax Dedicated Slicing Software

Power of Z-SUITE 2

The link between your idea and product.

Intuitive Interface

User-friendly interface provides a multitude of tools with easy navigation. Tabbed projects and savable printing profiles make the process even more streamlined.

Material Profiles

Select from predefined 3D printing profiles for Zortrax high-quality filaments. External materials are also supported.

Dedicated Solution

All Zortrax 3D printers come with free of charge license which includes all future updates. Z-SUITE is continuously developed and improved to answer 3D printing community’s needs.

Wireless Management

Remotely control wireless Zortrax 3D printers over Wi-Fi and set up 3D printing farms.

Take control over support structures

Z-SUITE has an option to freely add, edit and remove automatically generated support. 
Choose from three modes of support generation: point, edge or face and change support structures' position and size.


Support structures can be attached to a chosen point on the model. Thickness of the resulting columns can be manually adjusted when necessary.​


Support structures can be attached along the edges of overhanging parts of the model. Structures' thickness can be manually adjusted when necessary.


Support structures can be automatically adjusted to any given triangle chosen from a triangle mesh enveloping the model.

Print troublesome models

Z-SUITE is equipped with numerous automatic and user-controlled tools and functionalities facilitating fail-free 3D printing. Multiple infill options allow you to further control models’ physical properties, durability and filament consumption.

Thin Wall Analysis

Walls too thin to be 3D printed properly are highlighted prior to 3D printing, allowing you to fix them, saving time and materials on failed prints.

Auto Mesh Repair

Upon loading a model, Z-SUITE automatically checks and fixes its polygon mesh. Auto Mesh Repair feature allows you to successfully 3D print damaged or faulty 3D models.

Ultimate compatibility

Z-SUITE is compatible with dozens of 3D modeling software programs. You can load and work with all most popular formats. Simply drag and drop the file to Z-SUITE to start the new project.





3D Printing Farm Management

Z-SUITE is a wireless command center of smart, reliable Zortrax 3D printers with Wi-Fi capability. Simply connect all devices into a 3D printing farm and start working more efficiently.


Wi-Fi module allows you to connect the devices together, creating a network ready to cope with the most ambitious projects.


Manage all your 3D printers easily from a screen of your computer. Divide your work between the devices to finish it quickly.


Rely on the smart functionalities like material end detection, upgraded extruder, build platform and camera for the risk-free 3D printing.

File Transfer

Zortrax 3D printers with Wi-Fi capability can wirelessly connect to Z-SUITE. Every model can be transferred to the chosen printer over Wi-Fi with a click of a button

Remote Control

Prints can be remotely started, paused, or stopped on all Wi-Fi Zortrax 3D printers. In M Plus Series devices, Z-SUITE also lets you monitor the printing progress via a built-in camera.

Smart Lab

Use the multitude of functionalities and tools to streamline the 3D model preparation process.

Intuitive model processing

Just load up your 3D file and Z-SUITE will automatically convert it to the model ready to print.

Thin wall detection

Z-SUITE pinpoints walls that would be too thin to be printed properly, allowing you to detect problematic areas before printing the model.

Multiple infill options

Different infill patterns allow you to ensure required durability of the model and reduce the material usage.

Editable support

Take the full control over model’s support structures. Freely adjust automatically generated support or manually add your own.




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