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Beyond your profession

Break Limits. Exceed Expectation.

Exceptional Performance with the Biggest Upgrade Ever. Built for Mass Production. FLUX HEXA brings your work to the next-level quality

33 %  Bigger Working Area

With 730 x 410 x 125mm of working area, it’s 33% larger than Beambox Pro. Built for more capacity, more possibilities.

900 mm/s High Speed Engraving

Carrying the Cortex M4 core chip. HEXA provides maximum engraving speed of 900mm/s, to fulfill business and professional requirements.

60W High Spec Laser Tube

Brand new high spec 60W laser tube with optional 1.5 inch focus lens substantially shrinking laser spot, achieving 1000 DPI resolution. 10,000 hours of laser tube lifespan with 1 year warranty.

Beyond Your Profession


With a huge working size of 730 x 410mm, FLUX HEXA is ready for bigger challenges.


Huge breakthrough, New experience

Standard equipped with electric elevation platform, easily focus with the tap of your fingers.


Stunning Printing Quality

Equipped with a 60W high quality laser tube, HEXA takes a big step in performance, perfectly cutting 10mm thickness in one pass.

1 Year Warranty.

Equipped with a high stability laser tube providing excellent user experience, 10,000 hours lifespan and 1 year warranty. Maximizing efficiency and maintaining superb quality.

1000 DPI

HEXA 1.5 inch Focus Lens Add-on allows you to engrave up to 1,000 DPI. Every detail matters.


Carrying a Cortex M4 core chip, FLUX HEXA can engrave up to 900mm/s, freeing up more time for more work.


Smart Design, Born to Create.

Hexa Image_01.webp

Electric elevation platform

Equipped with an electric elevation platform. Double tap to automatically adjust to optimized platform height.

Built-in cleaning slot

Built-in cleaning slot.
Providing efficient cleaning experience

Integrated hardware and software, it’s as easy as it gets.

Your Online Laser Studio

Work Across All Platforms

With your Beam Studio, you can enjoy a free full-featured Laser Engraving service that can work on ALL platforms with NO LIMIT. The fast and flexible tools you need to take your creativity to the next level. It’s time to unlock your full power.

* Web-version only support with Firmware v3.5.2 and above.
* Recommend using Chrome or Safari.

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Beambox specs_01.png
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