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Form 4

Blazing Speed Meets Industrial Production

Blazing Fast

Most prints in less than 2 hours


Leading resins for any problem


Anyone can learn in 15 minutes


Unmatched print sucess rate


Rivals injection molded parts

Get more done with most prints in under 2 hours.

Blazing Fast

Tackle any problem with our industry-leading materials, or use Open Platform.

Unmatched optical power:

16 mw/cm² delivered to the print plane.

Plano-convex lens array and optical baffle:

Creating highly collimated and uniform light, even at high power.

Extremely long lifetime,

due to an integrated cooling system.

The Backlight Unit generates a uniform area projection of an ultra-high power light using 60 LEDs and collimating lenses. It cures resin quickly and precisely, delivering blazing fast print speeds with excellent print quality and accuracy anywhere on the build platform.

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Pre-Production Validation

Tough 1500 Resin

Forge Motorsport reverse-engineered an underperforming part, 3D printed a new design, and tested it on a vehicle for five months before committing to tooling.