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Form Auto

Automation Hardware for Your 3D Printer

Form Auto is a hardware extension for Form 3/3+ 3D printers that automatically removes finished parts from Build Platform 2 and starts the next print without the need for operator interaction, enabling 24/7 3D printing with no printer downtime.

Always available, always ready, and always printing.

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Realize the Benefits of High-Throughput 3D Printing

Scale capacity with demand and produce parts more quickly and affordably than ever with Form Auto, Fleet Control, and the High Volume Resin System by Formlabs.

Click on the labels below to discover the different details of a Form Cell system.

Note: Print time and cost will vary based on part geometry, material, layout, and orientation. Reach out to our experts for a specific time and cost analysis for your models.

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Start Scaling Your Production Now.

Work more efficiently and redefine production capacity in your 3D printing workflow with Formlabs Automation Ecosystem including Form Auto, Fleet Control, and the High Volume Resin System.

Scale your part production without increasing printer management complexity. Hit send from anywhere and the Formlabs Automation Ecosystem will take care of the rest.

Minimize Cost Per Part with Labor Savings Up to 80%*.

Form Auto works overtime so you don’t have to.

Before Form Auto, every completed part required manual removal from the build platform before post-processing. Form Auto fully automates part removal by leveraging Formlabs patented Quick Release Technology with Build Platform 2. Collected parts are placed in a UV-safe container for seamless batch transfer to the Form Wash. 

Instantly automate your printers without additional training. Form Auto works with any Form 3/3+ 3D printer out in the field or purchased today, so you can level up your production at any time.

* Calculation based on dental arches printed in Draft Resin at 200µm.

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24/7 3D Printing, With No Interaction Required.

Never let a printer sit idle with prints waiting in the queue. Form Auto is always ready to start the next print with or without an operator on-site. 

Build multi-print queues from anywhere, at any time. Click ‘Print’ from the office, and instantly start production on the manufacturing floor.

Monitor and review finished parts remotely via images and videos in Fleet Control. An onboard camera saves a record of each part by capturing each print as it completes.

Increase Your 3D Printing Capacity Today

Form Auto will ensure your printer is always ready for whatever’s next. With the capacity to scale to any workload, your fleet has never been more powerful.

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