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Form Wash

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The Perfect Finish,
Every Time

Streamline your workflow and consistently produce clean, high-quality, accurate parts with our automated, large format post-processing machines.

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Automate Cleaning with Form Wash

Parts travel straight from the Form 2 to Form Wash. Opt to go glove-free and keep parts directly on the build platform.

SLA 3D Printing Workflow

Streamline your 3D printing process and work more efficiently with our automated, large format post-processing machines. All SLA printed parts require washing to remove residual resin and most benefit from post-curing to achieve maximum material properties.

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A Consistent, Automated Workflow

Once washing completes, Form Wash automatically lifts parts out of the IPA, avoiding over-soaked, warped prints. Parts air dry and are ready when you are.

Included with Form Wash

Form Wash L


Form Wash L agitates solvent to remove residual resin from SLA 3D printed parts, leaving you with a smooth, clean, high-quality part every time. Once washing completes, parts are lifted out of the solvent to air dry, avoiding over-soaked, warped prints.

A custom hydrometer tool to check IPA saturation.

Behind the wash bucket to keep finishing tools tidy.

Easy IPA transfer into and out of the wash bucket


Set It And Forget It

Use the pre-programmed wash settings or save your own frequently used custom profiles to improve post-processing efficiency.

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Informed Maintenance

The embedded solvent monitor and cycle counter help you maintain peak cleaning performance by notifying you when it’s time to replace the solvent.

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One Size Fits All

Wash one Form 3L build platform or two Form 3 build platforms with the included build platform adaptor.

Designed to Maximize Material Properties

For Standard Resins, simply use Form Cure’s default time and temperature. For all other materials, use unique recommended settings for optimum performance.


While you’re away, parts are precisely agitated in IPA, getting every nook and cranny perfectly clean.

Once time is up, parts are fully cured and ready for peak performance.

Form Cure L

Form Cure L uses heat, UV light, and consistent universal exposure to bring parts to their peak mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy.


Optimized for Formlabs Materials

Use the pre-programmed cure settings or save your own frequently used custom profiles to improve post-processing efficiency.

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Rapid, High-Intensity Curing

Two 500W heaters bring temperatures up to 80°C in less than 10 minutes while three UV light modules emit the optimal wavelength of light for fast, effective curing.


Consistent Universal Exposure

A reflective inner cavity and rotating glass turntable ensure UV light reaches all surfaces of the part for a consistent cure.

Validated For Biocompatible Applications

Form Wash L and Form Cure L have been validated in FDA-cleared workflows and are compatible with biocompatible, sterilizable materials made in our ISO 13485 facility.

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