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Rebound Resin:

A Production-Ready

Elastic 3D Printing Material

With five times the tear strength, three times the tensile strength, and two times the elongation of other production-grade elastomeric materials on the market, Rebound Resin is perfect for 3D printing springy, resilient parts. 


Reap the benefits of two years of custom materials development and rigorous testing with this cutting-edge material, developed as part of an exclusive footwear collaboration with New Balance. 

Rebound Resin is subject to a minimum order quantity and requires extra equipment and steps to succeed. Partner with Formlabs to evaluate and implement this material for production.

Resilient, springy structures

Rebound Resin’s high elongation makes it perfect for tactile, stretchy parts such as handles and grips.



rebound_springy (No background).webp

Performs under pressure

Rebound Resin is strong enough to handle constant compression or tension, great for manufacturing complex gaskets and seals that last.


110 kN/m


22 MPa


Miles of Real World Testing

New Balance shoes incorporating Rebound Resin are already on the market and worn around the world.

Rebound Resin withstands the elements, enduring daily use in all-weather conditions to outperform and outlast traditional materials.



Working With Rebound Resin

Rebound Resin is more complex to work with than other Formlabs products and requires extra steps and equipment for successful production.

This material is available exclusively through partnership with Formlabs
and requires a minimum quantity commitment to get started.

Download Technical Data Sheet (PDF)
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