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Adjustment tools

Ultimaker Cura offers several tools to adjust the model before printing. This allows you to easily position models on the build plate in the most efficient way. Below all the adjustment tools are described.

Move tool

The move tool allows the model to be moved on all axis in Ultimaker Cura; X, Y, and Z. This way, you can position the model to the desired location.

Note: Models are automatically kept apart and dropped to the build plate by default. Change these settings in Ultimaker Cura > Preferences.

  • Select the model (3) on the build plate

  • The move tool (1) opens by default

  • Use the input field to set a specific coordinate (2)

  • Drag the model (3) to move it freely or drag the arrows (4) to move it locked on one axis


Scale tool

The scale tool allows the model to be scaled, both uniform and non-uniform. The model can be scaled in three different ways; in millimeters, as a percentage and with the handles in the 3D viewer.

  • Select the scale tool (1)

  • Set a specific size in millimeters (2)

  • Scale the model to a percentage (3)

  • Drag the handlebar (4) in the 3D viewer to scale the model

  • Reset (5) the model to its original scale

  • Enable/disable snap scaling (6)

  • Enable/disable uniform scaling (7)


Rotate tool

The rotate tool allows the model to be rotated on all 3 axes. This is particularly useful to reduce the amount of support needed and to increase the model's footprint for build plate adhesion.

  • Select the rotate tool (1)

  • Reset (2) the model to its original orientation

  • Lay the model flat (3) on the build plate. Tip: Help Ultimaker Cura determine what face to put flat by rotating it close to the build plate

  • Drag the hoops (4) to rotate the model at 15° intervals

  • The degree indicator (5) shows how much the model has rotated this move

  • Snap rotation (6) is enabled by default. Disable it here or hold 'shift' while dragging


Mirror tool

The mirror tool allows the model to be rotated on all 3 axes. It is easy to use, with just one way to use it.

  • Select the mirror tool (1)

  • Click the arrowheads (2) indicated by the axes colors to mirror the model on that axis


Per model settings

Per model settings provide the ability to have multiple models in Ultimaker Cura with a different printing strategy. This allows printing batches easily with models for different purposes.

  • Select the model (2) you wish to have modified settings

  • Select per model settings (1)

  • 'Select settings' (5) opens a pop-up list with available settings

  • Locate the setting and enable the checkbox (3)

  • Use the filter (4) to quickly find your settings

  • Close (8 ) the window when you have added all settings you want to change

  • Use the input field (6) to change the setting value

  • Use the '-' (7) button to remove the custom setting from the list


Select extruder

On multi-extrusion machines, you have the ability to assign an extruder to specific models on the build plate.

  • Select the desired model (3) on the build plate. The last used adjustment tool opens

  • Select the extruder (2) you want to print the model with

  • The extruder selector has a colored circle (1) to indicate what material this model will be printed with. It corresponds with the loaded material in the printer settings and the model on the build plate

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