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Ultimaker PETG sets the standard for enterprise-grade industrial use, with key benefits including:

  • Good adhesion and preconfigured print profiles mean anyone can quickly and easily achieve first-time-right results

  • Compared to PLA and Tough PLA, Ultimaker PETG unlocks the widest range of technical applications – ideal for industrial parts, tools, and prototypes

  • One of the most affordable technical 3D printing materials with a good mix of properties, Ultimaker PETG is easy to standardize the printing process across your organization



Below are some key mechanical properties of Ultimaker PETG:

  • Good chemical resistance against lubricants, oils, alcohol, acids, and bases

  • Able to withstand humid environments and temperatures up to 76 °C

  • Tough and wear resistant

  • Available in 14 colors including transparent and fluorescent, Ultimaker PETG is suited for a variety of use cases, from color coding to see-through parts


Ultimaker PETG is built for industrial use – an ideal choice for:

Manufacturing aids for the production line

Parts for industrial use, such as liquid-proof sensor covers or color-coded tools

Functional prototypes



Ultimaker PETG is officially supported by the Ultimaker S5, Ultimaker S3, Ultimaker 2+ Connect, and Ultimaker 3 series of 3D printers. It is compatible for dual extrusion with the following materials:

  • Ultimaker PVA

  • Ultimaker Breakaway


2.85mm Ultimaker PETG (750g)

2.85mm Ultimaker PLA
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