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Ultimaker Tough PLA is a technical PLA (polylactic acid) material with toughness similar to ABS. Ideal for reliably printing functional prototypes and tooling at larger sizes, our Tough PLA offers the same safe and easy use as regular PLA.


Reasons to choose Ultimaker Tough PLA

  • Impact strength similar to ABS, greater than regular PLA
  • Higher stiffness compared with ABS
  • Less brittle than regular PLA
  • Gives a more matte surface finish quality than our normal PLA
  • Suitable for post-processing with improved machinability compared to regular PLA
  • More reliable than ABS for larger prints, with no delamination or warping
  • Compatible with Ultimaker support materials (PVA and Breakaway) giving full geometric freedom when designing parts



Below are some key mechanical properties of Ultimaker Tough PLA:

  • Good flexural strength (78 MPa)

  • Good impact strength (Izod tested to 9 kJ/m²)

  • High hardness (79 Shore D)

  • Melting temperature (151 °C)



Ultimaker Tough PLA provides a durable material solution for:

  • Functional prototyping

  • Tooling

  • Manufacturing aids



Ultimaker Tough PLA is officially supported by the Ultimaker S5, Ultimaker S3, and Ultimaker 3 series of 3D printers. It is compatible for dual extrusion with the following materials:

  • Ultimaker Tough PLA

  • Ultimaker PVA

  • Ultimaker Breakaway

2.85mm Ultimaker Tough PLA (750g)

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