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Nylon 12 Powder

A Material That Does It All

Balancing strength and detail, Nylon 12 Powder is a highly capable material for both functional prototyping and end-use production of complex assemblies and durable parts with high environmental stability. Our Nylon 12 Powder is specifically developed for use on the Fuse 1.

Nylon 12 Powder is ideal for:

  • High performance prototyping
  • Small batch manufacturing
  • Permanent jigs,
  • Fixtures, and tooling
  • Biocompatible,
  • Sterilizable parts*

* Material properties may vary based on part design and manufacturing practices. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to validate the suitability of the printed parts for the intended use.

Fuse 1 Nylon 12 Powder

SKU: PD-FS-P12G-01
R16 669,00Price
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