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The Bambu Lab P1P to P1S Upgrade Kit contains all you need to upgrade your P1P 3D printer to a P1S 3D printer (excluding the Bambu Textured PEI Plate).


The glass cover platefront glass doorleft/right plastic panelsrear metal panelfront cover can enclose the P1P 3D printer. 


The auxiliary part cooling fancontrol board fan, and chamber temperature regulator fan can aid heat dissipation to achieve high-speed printing.


The cable chain and P1S toolhead cable can ensure reliable performance during repetitive bending as a result of motion. The 550mm PTFE tube of the X1 Series is better, as it allows more ample movement of the filament, and lowers the extra abrasion.


Additionally, customers can also purchase a hardened steel extruder gear and a hardened steel hotend to allow printing with more abrasive filaments containing carbon fiber and glass fiber.


In the Box

Enclosing Parts:

1. Glass Cover Plate

2. Front Glass Door

3. Front Door Mounting Kit

4. Left Plastic Panel

5. Right Plastic Panel

6. Rear Metal Panel

7. Front Cover


Upgrade Parts:

8. Activated Carbon Air Filter

9. Auxiliary Part Cooling Fan

10. Control Board Fan

11. Chamber Temperature Regulator Fan

12. Cable Chain Assembly

13. P1S Toolhead Cable

14. PTFE Tube

P1P to P1S Upgrade Kit

R3 799,00Price
This item is expected to be in stock by March 2024
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