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Z-ULTRAT Filament

Improve your projects with Z-ULTRAT thermoplastic. Z-ULTRAT is one of our toughest 3D printing material with excellent finish and semi-mat surface. This filament is durable and perfect for iterative testing.

With Zortrax M200 tech possibilities and LPD technology, Z-ULTRAT became one of our most productive filament performing lifelike prototypes and even end-use parts.




Printing technology:

LPD (Layer Plastic Deposition)

Dedicated device:

Zortrax M200 3D Printer


Durable and strong, suitable for prototyping mechanical parts, architectural models, design prototypes


1 kg (2.2 lb) gross wt. / 800 g (1.76 lb) net. wt.

Z-ULTRAT (800g)

R943,00 Regular Price
R660,10Sale Price
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