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Vulcanized Rubber Molding with 3D Printed Masters

Why you should download

Vulcanized rubber molds are used to produce wax models in quantity for investment casting of metal parts such as jewelry, small industrial components, and gaming miniatures. Making master patterns for molding by machining or hand-crafting can be prohibitively expensive or imprecise. 3D printing with high-performance materials allows designers and casters to leverage digital technology in their production processes.

Download the white paper if you want more information on:

  • How 3D printing can be used in the production of small metal parts

  • What vulcanization is and how rubber molds are made

  • Methods and results from Formlabs’ test of material compatibilities for rubber moldmaking

What you will learn

Jewelers, engineers, artists, and toy makers often use vulcanized rubber molding in their workflows. Download the white paper now to learn:

  • How to fabricate metal parts using 3D printing

  • How to select the right Formlabs resin for your rubber moldmaking process

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