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HD Prime pack 6.jpg

HD Prime Pack

For EinScan-Pro+

It accelerates the scan speed in Handheld HD Scan Mode and captures more details of the scanned objects. It’s ideal for cultural heritage preservation, archiving, restoration, etc.

  • Enable markers-free alignment in Handheld HD Scan Mode

  • Scanning speed is increased by 30%, capturing high-accuracy and high-resolution scanned data more rapidly

  • Capture more details when scanning without markers in Handheld HD Scan Mode

HD Prime Pack.png
Industrial pack image 1.jpg

Industrial Pack

For EinScan-Pro & Pro+

An optional Industrial Pack enables automatic scan and fixed scan by matching the EinScan-Pro series with a fully-automatic turntable and tripod.

Tripod and turntable 2.jpg (1).jpg

Color Pack

For EinScan-Pro&Pro+

By attaching an external texture camera, the EinScan-Pro series can capture geometry with full-color texture. Color scanning is not supported in Handheld HD Scan Mode.

Color pack 3.jpg

Discovery Pack

For EinScan-Se & SP

Making representations of the world in 3D, more colorful and more accurate

The EinScan Discovery Pack is a high pixel professional texture camera featuring 24-bit true-color display and 12.0 megapixel color texture, which works with both EinScan desktop 3D scanners -- EinScan-SE and EinScan-SP. It adopts the color restoration technology of Ultra-FineTM Hardware ISP video processing engine, to capture a brilliant spectrum of colors and high-fidelity textures, allowing users to get high accuracy and high resolution 3D data, in vibrant color and rich details. It is ideal for Virtual Reality, Online Shopping (eCommerce) Virtual Displays, Online Museum, 3D exhibition and more.

Discovery Pack
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