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Smooth Compatibility


Compatible with all FDM/FFF 3D printers the Zortrax Apoller can smooth models printed on all FDM, FFF, LPD, and LPD Plus 3D printers. The device is compatible with filaments based on ABS, HIPS, and ASA, regardless of their manufacturer.

Automated vapor smoothing is simple and safe enough to be performed by untrained staff.

Step 1 Print

Print the models on any FDM, FFF, or LPD 3D printer.

Step 2 Smooth

Place the models in the chamber, close the door, and choose the smoothing settings on a touch screen.

Step 3 Enjoy

The Apoller does all the rest on its own. After 3 hour models are smoothed and ready to use.

To evenly cover the models, the vapors in the Zortrax Apoller smoothing chamber are circulated upward. Fragile and intricate details are covered with less solvent to keep their shape intact. The condensation system retrieves the excessive solvent that can be reused once it's done.

Due to redundancy carefully engineered into the system, Zortrax Apoller offers industrial-class reliability. The device is double sealed off from the environment. At all times the pressure inside the smoothing chamber is kept below the pressure in the room. Besides double seals, this is yet another level of redundancy in the safety system preventing fumes from getting out of the smoothing chamber. It also keeps the chamber closed even when there is a power outage causing its electromagnetic lock to shut down. When the power backs on, Zortrax Apoller automatically decontaminates the chamber before allowing anyone to open it.

Zortrax Apoller main features:

  • Has a 300x250x250 mm smoothing chamber

  • Works in the Zortrax SVS technology

  • Compatible with MEK and acetone

  • Has an intuitive touch interface

  • Supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity

  • Works with ABS, ASA, and HIPS-based filaments

  • Has an advanced vapor circulation system

  • Safety systems are ATEX certified

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